Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 photo update.
    First block laid 2008

     Calvary Pena Blanca, starts.

    These are good workers                                     Time has passed now we are in 2015.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Getting close to this finish line.

Still in the motion of building this church. God does tremendous things in those that are willing. Why He has chosen me I will never know, everyday I prove myself invalid. As I struggle with this carnal fleshly body. I often think of how will I respond when I approach HIS presence. I will be embarrassed to seek a place among HIS own. My daily failures consume me on the way to HIS presence. Surely forgivness and mercy abound. My struggle on earth shall never become my practice. Thank you Lord for your finished work on the cross...for saving me.    chris m rivera   11-29-2014

Monday, February 24, 2014

We at Calvary Pena Blanca continue to do well. Two youth leaders later We have finally found a young man Claudio Obama Nehemias, he is a seminary student and from Honduras. Claudio has been great in the youth department.Pastor Oscar Montes, continues to strive along side to help build Calvary Pena Blanca. Every day i see a work of the Lord in progress in the field in which i am surrounded. We are presently in 2014 February going on eight years now and so much has happened. I look forward to pressing forward and watching the Lord continue His work......pastor chris

Going back in time Calvary Pena Blanca, just blocks no roof!

Friday, June 14, 2013

 Our goal is to give a Hand Up not a Hand restore a dignity that belongs to everyone.
 We need to educate and share the love of the Lord. We must give basic needs and assist where we can.
                 The Vasquez Family have been an on going project for Calvary and Others. We develop together one relation at a time.     pc
One hand washes the other....... The surge in youth activity brought a few new faces to our boxing club.
Out of the streets and into our club, after I do a couple of rounds with these young men in the ring relations are built.
 In this new season of boxing only half of the new students are saved, what a honor to serve the Lord.
The guys to the left are part of Calvary Youth Group the other side are new, we want to reach them.  pc
 Meet Jack the Rapper he came to us through our Youth Pastor, Jack is a Brother in Christ.
 Jack and his style does not appeal to everyone but he sure reached the youth for the cause of Christ.
                         Students of LYBS huddled around Jack and kinda just hung out.
         This is a photo update of me, pastor chris, the person behind the camera of Calvary Pena Blanca.
         Jack did our Friday Nite Youth Group with a concert some of the grand parents left not their style.